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McStas: Guide_curved_shieldinglogger Component

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The Guide_curved_shieldinglogger Component

Updated by: Rodion Kolevatov, 2019 Update content: sets value of a global variable m_local_refl at each reflection to the m-value of the coating or to -1 if missed the guide opening Non-focusing curved neutron guide.


  • Author: Ross Stewart
  • Origin: ILL (France).
  • Date: November 18 2003
  • Version:(Unknown)
  • Modification history:
    • E. Farhi, uniformize parameter names (Jul 2008)


Models a rectangular curved guide tube with entrance centered on the Z axis.
The entrance lies in the X-Y plane.  Draws a true depiction
of the guide, and trajectories.  Guide is not focusing.

Example: Guide_curved(w=0.1, h=0.1, l=2.0, R0=0.99, Qc=0.021,
               alpha=6.07, m=2, W=0.003, r=2700)

This component does not work with gravitation on. Use component Guide_gravity then.
Systematic error on transmitted flux is found to be about 10%.

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
w m Width at the guide entry  
h m Height at the guide entry  
l m length of guide  
r m Radius of curvature of the guide 2700
R0a 0.99
Qca 0.0218
alphaa 6.07
ma 2
Wa 0.003
Qci 0.0218
alphai 6.07
mi 2
Wi 0.003
Qcs 0.0218
alphas 6.07
ms 2
Ws 0.003


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