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McStas: ISIS_TOSCA_preupgrade_Mantid Instrument at ISIS

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The ISIS_TOSCA_preupgrade_Mantid Instrument

TOSCA (pre-upgrade) at ISIS with Mantid support.


  • Site: ISIS
  • Author: Peter Willendrup (DTU/ESS), Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay (ISIS STFC)
  • Origin: DTU/ESS/ISIS
  • Date: September 2018
  • Version:(Unknown)


The model at hand is adapted from an earlier model by M.Zanetti and represents the
TOSCA instrument as it looked prior to the recent upgrade. The model at hand was
adapted during the MDANSE2018 workshop ( and by
default uses a model of the incoherent scattering from Benzene, created using 
CASTEP ( ) and converted to Sqw format iFit (

The model is naturally very challenging to run because of the indirect TOF geometry
and would benefit from an adaptive sampling approach.

Please follow instructions at
to compile with NeXus and generate a Mantid-IDF before attempting to use with Mantid.

To generate the right flightpath length in Mantid, this version of the instrument has 
been created with transmitting rather than reflecting analysers, and the detectors are hence
also positioned differently than in the physical instrument.

Example: ISIS_TOSCA_preupgrade_Mantid.instr inc=Benzene_inc_CASTEP_MDANSE2018.sqw eventmode=1 --format=NeXus -n1e7

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
inc filename Incoherent scattering model to use "Benzene_inc_CASTEP_MDANSE2018.sqw"
zdepth m Thickness of sample 0.002
Emin meV Minimum energy to generate at the source 0.01
Emax meV Maximum energy to generate at the source 500
eventmode boolean Flag to enable event monitors 0


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