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McStas: SEMSANS_instrument Instrument at TU Delft.

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The SEMSANS_instrument Instrument



  • Site: TU Delft.
  • Author: Morten Sales
  • Origin: Copenhagen, Berlin, Delft
  • Date: 2014
  • Version:(Unknown)


SEMSANS instrument with 2 isosceles triangular field coils

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
triacoil_depth one right triangle [m] Half of the triangular coil depth in z-direction 1.935000e-01
triacoil_width m xwidth of triangular coil 7.042824e-02
triacoil_height m yheight of triangular coil 3.000000e-01
pol_zdepth m Depth of the polariser along z 9.300000e-01
vcoil_zdepth m Depth along z of the v-coil flipper 1.500000e-01
Guide1_depth m Depth of first guide/precession field section 1.650000e-02
Guide2_depth m Depth of second guide/precession field section 3.315000e-01
Guide3_depth m Depth of third guide/precession field section 3.315000e-01
Guide4_depth m Depth of fourth guide/precession field section 5.650000e-02
Bguide T Field strength of guide/precession field -5.000000e-04
Bextra T Field strength of extra field in guide field 1 to acheive echo -2.120000e-02
Bt2 T Field in first triangular coil -4.440000e-03
Bt1 T Field in second triangular coil -2.560000e-03
DLambda half of it [AA] Wavelength spread from source 4.166366e+00
Lambda AA Mean wavelength 4.559500e+00
flippos m Position (away from position set by vcoil_34_pos) of pi-flipper 3.100000e-02
FLIP 1 is down, -1 is up [1] Choose polarisation direction using v-coil pi/2-flipper 1.000000e+00
chop1_pos m Position of first chopper 5.000000e-01
chop2_pos m Position of second chopper 9.740000e-01
pol_pos m Position of polariser 1.907000e+00
analyser_pos m Position of analyser 6.072000e+00
grating_w m Width of transmitting part of grating 1.570000e-03
grating_a m Width of absorbing part of grating 2.930000e-03
slit_1_pos m Position of first slit 2.957000e+00
slit_2_pos m Position of second slit 5.437000e+00
Guide1_pos m Position of first guide/precession field 3.307000e+00
Guide2_pos m Position of second guide/precession field 3.710500e+00
Guide3_pos m Position of third guide/precession field 4.342000e+00
Guide4_pos m Position of fourth guide/precession field 5.060500e+00
vcoil_12_pos m Position of first v-coil pair 3.157000e+00
vcoil_34_pos m Position of second v-coil pair 4.192000e+00
vcoil_56_pos m Position of third v-coil pair 5.267000e+00
triacoil_1_pos centre [m] Position of first triangular coil 3.517000e+00
triacoil_2_pos centre [m] Position of second triangular coil 4.867000e+00
grating_pos m Position of grating 6.757000e+00
detector_pos m Position of detector 6.957000e+00
tlow mu-s tmin of detector 2.190523040779461e+03
thigh mu-s tmax of detector 1.214744595341338e+04


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