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McStas: SANS_DebyeS Component

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The SANS_DebyeS Component

Sample for Small Angle Neutron Scattering: Debye-Scherrer Ring


  • Author: Henrich Frielinghaus
  • Origin: FZ-Juelich/FRJ-2/IFF/KWS-2
  • Date: Sept 2004
  • Version:(Unknown)


Debye-Scherrer Ring: Model for highly ordered diblock copolymer.
This example is highly simple.
Multiple scattering neglected, but could be incorporated.
Sample that only produces a DebyeSherrer ring.
Advantages:  Transmitted beam is simulated.
             Intensities still in flux units.
Minor point: Absolute scattering probability given by transmission.

Sample components leave the units of flux for the probability
of the individual paths. That is more consitent than the
Sans_spheres routine. Furthermore one can simulate the
transmitted beam. This allows to determine the needed size of
the beam stop. Only absorption has not been included yet to
these sample-components. But thats really nothing.

Example: SANS_DebyeS(transm=0.5, qDS=0.008, xwidth=0.01, yheight=0.01, zdepth=0.001)

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
transm 1 coherent transmission of sample for the optical path "zdepth" 0.5
qDS AA-1 Scattering vector of Debye-Sherrer ring 0.008
xwidth m [m] horiz. dimension of sample, as a width 0.01
yheight m [m] vert.. dimension of sample, as a height 0.01
zdepth m [m] thickness of sample 0.001


  • Source code for SANS_DebyeS.comp.
  • Sans_spheres component

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