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McStas: ILL_H53_D16 Instrument at ILL

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The ILL_H53_D16 Instrument

The D16 diffractometer/reflectometer on the H53 curved cold guide at the ILL


  • Site: ILL
  • Author: FARHI Emmanuel (
  • Origin:ILL
  • Date: Oct 7, 2008
  • Version:(Unknown)


The H53 (120 x 60 mm2) curved cold guide feeds D16 (after IN14, and IN16).
D16 is a two-circle diffractometer. The primary white beam is reflected by a
focussing pyrolytic graphite monochromator (122 x 60 mm2 with mosaicity 0.7
deg) providing an important flux at the sample. The monochromator housing has
two beam holes at take-off angles of 90 deg and 115 deg, corresponding to 4.7
Angs and 5.6 Angs beams and incorporates the slit systems.

Example: m=1.2 Detector: Det_psd_I=6.4729E+03

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
lambda Angs Wavelength at monochromator, computed from DM and THETA_M if left as 0. 4.7
DM Angs d-spacing of monochromator, computed from lambda and THETA_M if left as 0. 3.355
dlambda AA wavelength half width. 0.05
Powder str File name for powder description. If set to NULL, use a 100 Angs particule colloid "Na2Ca3Al2F14.laz"
RV m Monochromator vertical curvature, 0 for flat, -1 for automatic setting -1
L1 m Guide-Monochromator distance 0.1
L2 m Monochromator-Sample distance 2.8
L3 m Sample-Detector distance 1.0
THETA_M deg Monochromator take-off angle, computed from lambda and DM if left as 0. 44.46
TwoTheta in plane [deg] Detector rotation 0
RadiusDet m Detector entrance window radius 0.36
DetEthick m Detector entrance window thickness .01
DetEgap m Detector entrance window gap to flat detector inner window 0.08
DetVthick m Detector active volume thickness 5e-3
verbose 1 Print DIF configuration. 0 to be quiet 1
TILT deg Monochromator additional tilt, for rocking curves 0


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Output parameters | Links ]

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