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McStas: Pol_bender Component

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The Pol_bender Component

Polarising bender.


  • Author: Peter Christiansen
  • Origin: RISOE
  • Date: August 2006
  • Version:(Unknown)


Based on Guide_curved written by Ross Stewart.
Models a rectangular curved guide tube with entrance centered on the Z axis.
The entrance lies in the X-Y plane.  Draws a true depiction
of the guide with multiple slits (but without spacers), and trajectories.
It relies on similar physics as the Monochromator_pol.
The reflec function and parameters are passed to this component to
give a bigger freedom.
The up direction is hardcoded to be along the y-axis (0, 1, 0)

The guide is asummed to have half a spacer on each side:
   slit1  slit2  slit3
 |+     ++     ++     +|
 |+     ++     ++     +|
 <---------------------> xwidth
 <------> xwidth/nslit (nslit=3)
        <> d

The reflection functions and parameters defaults as follows:
Bot defaults to Top, Left defaults to Top, Right defaults to left.
Down defaults to down and up defaults to up for all functions and
Top(Up and Down) defaults to StdReflecFunc and {0.99,0.0219,6.07,2.0,0.003}
which stands for {R0, Qc, alpha, m, W}.

Pol_bender(xwidth = 0.08, yheight = 0.08, length = 1.0, radius= 10.0,
	     nslit=5, d=0.0, endFlat=0, drawOption=2,
	     rTopUpPar={0.99, 0.0219, 6.07, 3.0, 0.003},
	     rTopDownPar={0.99, 0.0219, 6.07, 1.0, 0.003})

See also the example instruments Test_Pol_Bender and
Test_Pol_Bender_Vs_Guide_Curved (under tests).

This component has been against tested Guide_curved and found to
give the same intensities. Gravity option has not been tested.

GRAVITY: YES (when gravity is along y-axis)

Input parameters



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