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The StatisticalChopper Component

Statistical (correlation) Chopper



This component is a statistical chopper based on a pseudo random sequence that the user
can specify. Inspired from DiskChopper, it should be used with SatisticalChopper_Monitor component.

Example: StatisticalChopper(nu=1487*60/255) use default sequence

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
radius m Radius of the disc 0.5
yheight m Slit height (if = 0, equal to radius). Auto centering of beam at half height. 0
nu algebraic sign defines the direction of rotation [Hz] Frequency of the Chopper, omega=2*PI*nu  
jitter s Jitter in the time phase 0
delay s Time 'delay'. 0
isfirst it then spreads the neutron time distribution [0/1] Set it to 1 for the first chopper position in a cw source 0
abs_out 0/1 Absorb neutrons hitting outside of chopper radius? 1
phase overrides delay [deg] Angular 'delay' 0
verbose 1 Set to 1 to display Disk chopper configuration 0
n_pulse Only if isfirst [1] Number of pulses 1
sequence str Slit sequence around disk, with 0=closed, 1=open positions. NULL or "" will set a default sequence. "NULL"

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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