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The ILL_H53_IN14 Instrument

IN14 cold triple-axis machine (TAS) on guide H53 with sample



IN14 is a high flux cold neutron three-axis spectrometer situated on a straight
58Ni coated guide looking at the horizontal cold source. IN14 is equipped with
a vertically curved (002) pyrolytic graphite monochromator. A polarising bender
can be inserted after the monochromator, for polarised neutron work.

The sample, analyser and detector units are mounted on standard Tanzboden
modules and the distance between these units may be changed if necessary. For
sample positioning, two motorized arcs (+/- 20deg), and two horizontal 
translation tables (+/- 10 mm) are available. Soller collimators can be easily 
inserted before and after the sample, and before the detector.

Three horizontally focusing analysers are available: (002) pyrolytic graphite,
bent Si(111), and Heusler (111) for polarised neutrons.

In this TAS configuration, PG002 is used as monochromator analyser, 
with a single type detector.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
KI Angs-1 central wavevector for incoming neutrons 1.55
QM Angs-1 wavevector transfer modulus at the sample 1.0
EN meV energy transfer at the sample 0.0
verbose 1
WM 0.15
HM 0.12
RMV -1
DM 3.355
WA 0.20
HA 0.10
NHA 11
RAH -1
DA 3.355
SM 1
SS -1
SA 1
L1 7.0
L2 2.12
L3 1.37
L4 0.7


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