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The Spot_sample Component

Spot sample.



A sample that is a series of delta functions in omega and Q.  The Q is
determined by a two theta value and an equal number of spots around the
beam center.  This component is a variation of the V sample written
by Kim Lefmann and Kristian Nielsen.  The following text comes from their
original component.
A Double-cylinder shaped incoherent scatterer (a V-sample)
No multiple scattering. Absorbtion included.
The shape of the sample may be a box with dimensions xwidth, yheight, zthick.
The area to scatter to is a disk of radius 'focus_r' situated at the target.
This target area may also be rectangular if specified focus_xw and focus_yh
or focus_aw and focus_ah, respectively in meters and degrees.
The target itself is either situated according to given coordinates (x,y,z), or
setting the relative target_index of the component to focus at (next is +1).
This target position will be set to its AT position. When targeting to centered
components, such as spheres or cylinders, define an Arm component where to
focus at.

Example: spot_sample(radius_o=0.01, h=0.05, pack = 1,
                    xwidth=0, yheight=0, zthick=0, Eideal=100.0,w=50.0,two_theta=25.0,n_spots=4)

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
radius_o m Outer radius of sample in (x,z) plane 0.01
h m Height of sample y direction 0.05
pack 1 Packing factor 1
xwidth m horiz. dimension of sample, as a width 0
yheight m vert.. dimension of sample, as a height 0
zthick m thickness of sample 0
Eideal meV The presumed incident energy 100.0
w meV The energy transfer of the delta function 50.0
two_theta degrees the scattering angle of the spot 25.0
n_spots 1 The number of spots to generate symmetrically around the beam 4


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