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The McStas_Single_crystal Instrument

Wrapper for use of Single_crystal in SIMRES



This instrument provides an MCPL-based interface for the use of Single_crystal in the SIMRES package.
The instrument has been developed in the context of WP8 in the SINE2020 project  and is part of
deliverable D8.8.

(EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654000).

The default material is Al as a cylinder of radius 0.01 m x height 0.02 m

Example: McStas_Single_crystal reflections=Al.lau radius=0.01 yheight=0.02

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
reflections string Input file for reflections, laz and lau formats from McStas accepted "Al.lau"
geometry string Name of an Object File Format (OFF) or PLY file for complex geometry. ""
radius m Sample radius 1e-2
xwidth m Sample width along x 0
yheight m Sample height along y 2e-2
zdepth m Sample depth along z 0
delta_d_d 1 Lattice spacing variance, gaussian RMS 1e-3
mosaic arc minutes Crystal mosaic (isotropic), gaussian RMS. Puts the crystal in the isotropic mosaic model state, thus disregarding other mosaicity parameters. 1
mosaic_a arc minutes Horizontal (rotation around lattice vector a) mosaic (anisotropic), gaussian RMS. Put the crystal in the anisotropic crystal vector state. I.e. model mosaicity through rotation around the crystal lattice vectors. Has precedence over in-plane mosaic model. 0
mosaic_b arc minutes Vertical (rotation around lattice vector b) mosaic (anisotropic), gaussian RMS. 0
mosaic_c arc minutes Out-of-plane (Rotation around lattice vector c) mosaic (anisotropic), gaussian RMS 0
barns 1 Flag to indicate if |F 2| from "reflections" is in barns or fm2 (barns = 1 for laz, barns = 0 for lau type files). 0
order 0: all, 1: first, 2: second, ... [1] Limit multiple scattering up to given order 0
rot_x deg Sample rotation around x 0
rot_y deg Sample rotation around y 0
rot_z deg Sample rotation around z 0


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