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Quick and dirty perl-hack for generating a batchfile for PBS cluster schedulers.

Takes an mcrun commandline as input, plus the following extra parameters controlling parallization and scheduling.

Written by Peter Willendrup, Risø DTU, 2010.

Usage: mcsub [options] [mcrun params] 
 -h        --help            Show this help
 -r N      --runtime=N       Specify maximum runtime (hours) [default 99]
 -q QNAME  --queue=QNAME    Specify wanted openPBS queue [default 'default']
           --nodes=NUM       Specify wanted number of nodes [default 3]
           --name=NAME       Specify openPBS job name [default McSub]

After running mcsub NAME.batch is ready for submission using the qsub command

Last Modified: Tuesday, 10-Aug-2010 20:26:05 CEST
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