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McStas news items in 1998

McStas news items in 1998

(Dec. 2 1998) Web page updates

The component library documentation has been updated so that it reflects the McStas v1.0 release (all test results are still for an old pre-release version though).

A list of known bugs in McStas has been added; you might want to check this if you experience strange problems. 

McStas v1.01 BETA 1

A BETA release of McStas, version 1.01 BETA 1, has been made available. This fixes some problems that have come up since the first release (v1.0). The main change is the addition of support for 32-bit Windows operating systems.

You do not need to upgrade unless you experience some of the specific problems that are addressed by this release.

Mailing list

A mailing list for the discussion of Monte Carlo simulation of neutron scattering has been set up. The list is archived, and it is possible to search old messages. 

Windows version of McStas

McStas has been successfully compiled and run on Windows (32 bit only). It has not yet been fully tested. The .exe file is available for download. To make it possible for the McStas compiler to find the components, the component files (*.comp) must be placed in C:\mcstas\lib, or the MCSTAS environment variable must be set to the name of the directory containing the files. 

MC workshop at Risø

The MC workshop at Risø was very successfull in bringing together researchers doing simulation of neutron scattering instruments. Manuals and CD-roms of McStas were handed out to the participants.

The American draft standard for writing components which was mentioned on the workshop has been made available.

Update: A nice color cover for the McStas CD-rom is now available, in postscript (.ps, 2.27 Mb) and compressed postscript (.ps.gz, 226 Kb) formats. 

McStas v1.0 released

Version 1.0 has been released. Go to the download page to obtain it. 
Kristian Nielsen  /Sept 27, 1999.

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